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Coming Soon – AR15 FCG Wind Chime Kits

We’ve recently secured a source for AR15 FCG parts kits which we will remake into wind chime kits. Our desire: to prevent these firearm parts from continuing to do more evil in the world.

You can preorder one for yourself and support our cause below. Help us to stem the tide of gun violence.

Tag us with your wind chime on social media and well share it here too.

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon – AR15 FCG Wind Chime Kits

  1. Hey, when are you going to get some more Wind Chime kits in stock?

    1. Were working on it. Standby.

  2. I need those m11 chimes. High demand rn

  3. I need those m11 chimes ya dig

  4. Would love to get my hand on one in stock that’s for sure. Love the work and quality of the chimes man!

  5. Will the chimes be back in stock soon?

    1. We’re working on it.

  6. Is there a way to get a notification email when they do come in stock?

    Thank all of you over there for all of your work!

    1. Not at this time.

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