We’ve exciting news to share with you: As you know, our purchasing officers scour the world, from the war-torn streets of Minnesota, to the rolling hills of Kansas, looking for opportunities to make the world a better place. One such opportunity has reared its head and we’re just quivering with excitement. Quivering.

Our noble boys have secured a source for M11 parts kits. The M11, known by many street names, such as “oozie” and “the rectangle,” has its roots as a weapon. We will harness that energy, taking none of the regulated components, and transform them into peaceful wind chime kits. Our desire: to prevent these firearm parts from continuing to do more evil in the world.

You can preorder one for yourself and support our cause below. Help us to stem the tide of gun violence. We are one people, united in a social movement. Let’s make the world a better world.

Tag us with your wind chime on social media and well share it here too.

6 thoughts on “Coming Soon – M11 Wind Chime Kits

  1. I love you guys. but serious i need to post up this windchime to let the world know I’m trying to make it a better place. I hope you guys are able to find more stock, im waiting slam down the buy now button.

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