About MAF Corporation

We are the Manufacture d’Armes et carillons de Floride. It’s French. You probably haven’t heard of us.

Someone once said “we stand on the shoulders of giants,” or something. I’m not sure who said that because they are wrong. We at MAF think the world is large and that people are small, not the other way around. This is of no significance to our mission.

Creativity. Let that sink in. Creativity.

Think about it. We live in a society wrought with horrors⁠—war, taxation, starvation, under-population, fracking, and the persistent independence of the nation of Greenland.

Some people think “well that’s just how it is.” At MAF, we think differently.

Let’s live in the world we want to live in. Let’s create that world that we want, because it meets our desires. We can paint a picture with what we want. Here at MAF, we believe we can show the world we have interests, and that we want things.

Creativity. We are surrounded by natural and unnatural resources. We can use these in at least three different ways, possibly more. So why aren’t we digging in? Well, not anymore.

We’re here to take things, parts, components, pieces, whatever, and change the way you think about objects. Let your imagination run wild. Our products can be used to make a multitude of things through YOUR artistic expression.

Windchimes are the sound of nature, mixed with a stunning, Lockean understanding of property rights. That’s deep. Be a part of it.

At MAF, we choose to take items some people think are used for evil, and help you use them for art. It’s cool.