Plastikov V4 Kit -16″ 5.45 Polish AKM Chime Kit – Headspaced & 14LH Thread

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A glorious, headspaced AKM chime in 14 LH and 5.45 chambering, made of Poland! Enjoy the nostalgia of whatever it is with some modern convenience.


    • Fully headspaced and populated barrel
    • 5.45 Russian calibering chamber
    • 14R Threaderating
    • 16″ barrel
    • Includes everything pictured!

Once in a quaint village nestled in the heart of Poland, there lived 545 people, each with their own unique story to tell. The village was known for its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and a remarkable fondness for wind chimes.

Every house in the village had a windchime adorning its doorstep, creating a symphony of melodies that danced in the wind. Each windchime was meticulously crafted, resonating with a distinct tune that reflected the personality of the homeowner.

Among the villagers was an elderly man named Stanisław, a skilled artisan renowned for his craftsmanship in creating exquisite windchimes. Stanisław had learned the art of crafting windchimes from his grandfather, who had passed down the secrets of this traditional craft.

One brisk autumn morning, a gentle breeze carried whispers of change through the village. Stanisław felt inspired to create something extraordinary—a windchime that would unify the village in a harmonious melody. He embarked on a mission to craft a grand windchime, unlike anything seen before.

Unfortunately, Stanislaw failed in his mission and was not able to bring these fabled chimes into reality.

This is a functional replica of the chimes that Stanisław, on his death bed, described to his grandson Mikhail Kalashnikov. Perhaps he can finish his grandfather’s task?

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