AR Carbine Length Gas Block and Gas Tube Combo!Combo!Combo!

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Once upon a time, there was a pitbull named Zoe who loved nothing more than treats and playing fetch with her owner. One day, while out on a walk, Zoe stumbled upon a discarded box in an alleyway. As she sniffed around the box, she realized that it was full of assembled carbine-length gas tubes and gas blocks.

At first, Zoe was unsure of what to do with the box. But as she stared at it, a brilliant idea came to her. She could sell the contents of the box and use the money to buy even more treats! Excited by the prospect, Zoe picked up the box in her mouth and took off running back to her owner’s house.

Zoe’s owner was surprised to see her dog carrying a box in her mouth, but when she saw what was inside, she was even more shocked. Not knowing what to do with the gas tubes and blocks, Zoe’s owner turned to the internet for help.

That’s when they came across a funny art company specializing in DIY wind chimes. The company loved the idea of incorporating the gas tubes and blocks into their windchimes and offered to buy them from Zoe and her owner. They even offered them a good price for the parts!

Overjoyed by their success, Zoe and her owner used the money they earned to buy Zoe even more treats. From that day forward, Zoe was known as the “Goodest Girl” in the neighborhood for her entrepreneurial spirit and love of treats.

And the funny art company continued to create unique and one-of-a-kind windchimes that were beloved by customers all around the world. All thanks to the discovery of a box full of carbine-length gas tubes and gas blocks by a very clever and enterprising pitbull named Zoe.

-Zoe’s Treat Dispensary

From the Wind Chime Trust: These are in fact 100% Zoe-Dog-approved genuine carbine-length gas tubes with pre-attached gas blocks. The gas block has set screws on the bottom to ensure a perfect fit its ID measures .750″, perfect for use with any standard ar15 barrel – Perhaps our  AR15 16 5.56 NATO Government Profile Barrel wind chime rods will be of interest to you? I agree… So do you… You have read too far… Go back and click the link… It’s ok I’ll wait…

…ok fine, I guess you dont need a barrel then. Its ok, we still love you.

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