Are you feeling that peace and tranquility slip through your fingers? Do you see the serenity you seek just out of reach?

Windchimes will help. Last year windchime customers reported 500% intangible increases in rest, relaxation, and recreation. However, Its current year. Is 500% really enough? Don’t you want your porch based R&R to reach the moon? Listen newbie, you’ve got to HODL your chimes through the ups and downs of your daily life. You’ve got to hold fast to that sweet, sweet cling-clang-ching-chang of your vestibule based stress dilution.

So with pleasure, we at MAF-Corp present to you the AR Grip Chime Accent. Guaranteed by our followers on social media (not by us) to provide you with a +10 bonus to Dexterity, Agility, and SoftGrippityGrip perks and a -10 to your sweaty-palms-when-talking-to-(2D)women syndrome.

(PS: These do include 1x 1″ 1/4 x 28 grip screw for your convenience.)

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Weight N/A

Tan, OD Green, Black

2 reviews for AR Grip Chime Accent

  1. Darron Claus-Davis (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, fast shipping. MAF never disappoints, thanks y’all!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really great

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