BUNDLE! – 3011 – Back to Back World War Chimes

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Celebrate American back to back World War Championships with these commemorative chimes. Made from 100% GI-style components; perfect for suspending in your own custom arrangement for a relaxing afternoon on your porch swing while you contemplate the questionable decisions that lead to the United States’ involvement in both world wars.

1 review for BUNDLE! – 3011 – Back to Back World War Chimes

  1. Leath Donahou (verified owner)

    These chimes, like all others have a fine sound and are incredibly beautiful when assembled properly. However, their striking nature is too much for some people. I have taken my chimes to many exhibitions and have noticed that most elderly men loose control of their bowels while gazing upon my creation. I believe I have discovered the “brown note.” I promise I will only use this new power for good.

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