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Have you ever had questions for your favorite bureau?

Have you ever wanted to write them a letter?  A love letter, perhaps? Or a letter on whether or not something you peacefully own should put you in prison?


Save yourself that $1 postage stamp and spend $20 here. Try all of your burning questions for THEM and get responses as consistent and logical as a bureaucrat may provide.

Simply taketh the ball unto thine hand, gaze upon its answering ORB, breathe unto it thy breath, SHAKE THREE TIMES! AND READ! 20 custom answers! Not a single one helpful!


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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

2 reviews for Magic ATF Ball

  1. stephenfranklin (verified owner)

    This saved me a postage stamp and a long wait! I highly recommend it. I was considering a device that allowed my dog to defend itself from the ATF, a trigger linked to Buster’s tail would actuate a trigger on Buster’s pack mounted windchime. I had a letter written to the ATF to ask if that would be allowable. But the Ball seemed faster, so I asked the Ball! “That’s a machine gun” was the response. I could see the logic there because even though Buster’s tail had to wag for each chime tune, my finger never had to move so… Point to the Ball! I placed a finger sandwich (egg salad) between the chime trigger and the device so now the finger had to move each time Buster waged. Ball said: “You’re getting raided”. This thing is amazing! I’m letting it know I’m retracting my idea and they can put the raid on hold. (But I bet Buster could have held his own!)

  2. NightTrace (verified owner)

    Honestly I hate it because it keeps telling me bad news. That said, the product itself is fun and was of a nicer quality than I expected for the joke. 10/10.

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