Mister Pistol 5 Chime Kit (Mounted, Three-Lug, Threaded)

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WARNING: While MAF does not sell firearms, this kit contains some dept. of commerce EAR/former ITAR-regulated components. As such we can not ship this item outside of the United States, and by ordering, you certify that you WILL NOT export the item.

This is the Mister Pistol 5 Chime kit it includes

  • Pressed and Pinned Barrel and Trunnion – Compatible with the MP5
  • Bolt, Matched to barrel – Compatible with MP5

Complete it with your own custom hanger or harness the power of technology with our 3D printable completion kit

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Three-Lug, Unthreaded, Three-Lug, Threaded


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