Stripped AR15/M4 Upper (Raw Finish)

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We found these in Ben’s box. These are good ole, regular ole stripped AR uppers just like grandma used to make with no finish for that unfinished look.

That’s right, this one can be did in all the popular calibers AR15s are famous for, including, but not limited to:

  • 223 Redmonton
  • God’s chosen 5.45 (all other calibers incorrect)
  • 350 Leg End
  • 450 Shrubmaster
  • God’s allowed 7.62×39 (okay this one is fine too)
  • 5.56 “It’s totally not 223 Redmonton, Honest! They aren’t interchangeable! Guys!”
  • & Many more!

Don’t forget to pick up our bargain BCG and LPK!

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