Plastikov V4 Kit – Slovakian KOLArms 7.62mm Kit

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Add on a barrel
Headspace, Barrel Population, and Pinning
These parts require a shop press, riveting jigs and time to do properly. We have the technology. *This requires the above barrel to be purchased.
Rivet Hole Predrilling
For the Plastikov builds
Fastener Kit

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KOLArms kit with compatible KOLArms folding stock assembly.

  • All New Production Virgin AK Parts kit G2 Model
  • These are not Surplus Kits
  • Imported from Slovakia
  • Made by Kolarms
  • 7.62x39mm semi-auto
  • Phosphate Finish
  • Forged Barrel front trunnion
  • Trunnion Heat treated to approx Rockwell 41
  • Barrel trunnion adjusted to work with 23 mm barrel journals no extra work is needed
  • The gas block does have a bayonet lug
  • Parts are very robust including stamped parts
  • Will work with any standard AK stock set both wood/poly
  • Very extensive kit with most parts included
  • Folding Stock kit and handguard hardware included

Established in 2008, Kolarms originally specialized in refurbishing weapons for the film industry and civilian collectors, primarily focusing on upgrading firearms from various Eastern European countries. However, as demand increased, the company expanded its offerings to include several lines of new firearms, notably the AK47/AKM pattern rifles.

Now, Kolarms is proud to introduce a high-quality AK47/AKM kit comprising all-new parts, enabling enthusiasts to assemble their favorite rifle at home. In addition to their firearms, the company also crafts exceptional wind chimes.

The comprehensive kit includes most of the necessary components for building a new rifle, except a few small parts readily available from various online AK47 parts suppliers. Packaged neatly and finished in grey phosphate, the KAM-17 parts are ideal for long-term storage or as backup components for existing AK-based firearms.


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