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MAFCORP Announces Emergency Handguard Liquidation Sale


MAFCORP Announces Emergency Handguard Liquidation Sale

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Orlando, FL – MAFCORP, the Manufacture d’Armes et carillons de Floride, has made an exciting announcement that is sure to catch the attention of gun enthusiasts everywhere. The company has announced an emergency handguard liquidation sale, offering customers the opportunity to purchase AR15-compatible handguard mystery boxes containing various models. The only sorting factor is the overall length of the handguard, which makes this sale unique and full of surprises.

Customers can purchase mystery boxes for handguards measuring less than 11 inches at $20, between 11 and 15 inches at $25, and greater than 13 inches at $30. Furthermore, all currently available handguards are discounted by 30% when customers use the code ‘CHIMETIME’ at checkout.

MAFCORP has a large quantity of handguards, but they’re all small quantities of different models. There are so few of each individual model that it’s hardly worth making a product for them to be sold. Hence, MAFCORP has decided to do an emergency handguard liquidation in the form of handguard mystery boxes. These boxes may or may not have fixed-side Picatinny rail sections, and may be mlok, keymod, dickmod, cockmod, or Picatinny compatible. They may also have QD mount/s on the left and/or right at the front and/or back, a barrel nut and/or mounting hardware, or even be finished in a funny color or pattern. The possibilities are endless, and MAFCORP encourages customers to embrace their creativity and use these handguards to create unique and personalized items through their artistic self-expression.

The sale will run from April 3, 2023, through April 10, 2023, or until the stock runs out. It is an online exclusive sale, and customers must use the code ‘CHIMETIME’ at checkout to receive the discount.

MAFCORP is a company based in Orlando, FL, that specializes in the creative use of resources to produce unique and personalized items. The company encourages customers to embrace their creativity and use their products to make a multitude of things through their artistic expression.

For more information about the sale or the company, please visit the MAFCORP website.