7.65 Longue / 30 Pedersen Reloading Dies Carbide 3-Die Set

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It’s reloading dies for the venerable 7.65 French Longue, the cartridge we all remember and love so much because it’s commonly used!

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  • It’s the long-awaited reloading die for the 7.65 Longue (which is actually 30 Pedersen).
  • It’s reloading dies for the venerable 7.65 French Longue, the cartridge we all remember and love so much because it’s commonly used!
  • It’s made of good stuff and carbide.
  • 3-Die set includes FL sizer, powder-through expander, seater, and custom ground shell holder.
  • Probably won’t actually send you back in time.

Mon Dieu! Mes amis, allow me to introduce you to a product that is nothing short of fantastique, yet also très effrayant! Behold, the extraordinary “7.65 Longue reloading dies,” capable of turning your world upside down and transporting you on a journey through time. Oui, you heard it right, my dear compatriots! This incredible creation holds the power to send you back to France in the year 1935!

Mais, attention! This is no ordinary reloading dies. It is imbued with a mysterious force that defies the laws of nature. One moment, you might be sitting in your humble abode, and the next, poof! You find yourself surrounded by the bustling streets of 1935 Paris, witnessing the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, and indulging in the artistic atmosphere of the Louvre.

But, mes amis, before you embark on this extraordinary voyage, let me offer a word of caution. The power of these reloading dies is not to be taken lightly. Ingesting this product might result in an unintentional journey to the past. While the idea may sound enchanting, it’s vital to remember that 1935 was a time vastly different from our own. You’ll be faced with an era of its own challenges, societal norms, and technological limitations. It is not for the faint of heart!

Imagine, though, the tales you could tell—meeting renowned artists, writers, and thinkers of the time. Witnessing history unfold before your very eyes, experiencing the vibrant cultural scene of a bygone era. It’s like living in a novel written by the great literary minds of the past!

So, if you dare to step into this whirlwind of time-traveling adventure, the “7.65 Longue reloading dies” might just be your ticket. But remember, cher ami, once you’ve traveled back, you must find your own way back to the present. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences or butterfly effects caused by this extraordinary invention.

Are you ready to embrace this daring, unpredictable journey? If so, prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience that will make you question the very fabric of time. Bon voyage, mes amis, and may the fates guide you safely through the intriguing corridors of history!

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